ORBIS - Concept from Guilherme Lopes Pedro on Vimeo.

In the planet we live in, we waste more and more natural resources, polluting water, land and air.
Creative people always find inspiration to solve these problems, but with the planet in critical situations, inspiration comes from beyond our world.
Electrolux ORBIS is an air cleaner that acts as a solar system. The central body, like a sun, can lights the environment and regulates the air to a
comfortable temperature, while the drones orbiting like planets and satellites, work on purification and humidity.
A part of the galaxy very close to us, providing comfortable and healthy homes. This is the concept of Orbis.

Voice (Guilherme Lopes)
Music: Demon Days - Gorillaz (edited)

Thank you very much :)

Zack Snyder // Slow Motion from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

The slow motion on Zack Snyder’s cinema.

List of films:

- 300 (2006)
- Watchmen (2009)
- Legend of the Guardians (2010)
- Sucker Punch (2011)

Song: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Feat. Emily Browning